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Zoefia Alexandria

Headband - Lace Eyelet

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$29.00 USD

Headbands are handmade in New York 

Fabric - Cotton Lace Eyelet 

Color - Pink

End Closure Color - Pink 

Fabric Closure Trimmed - Pink Grosgrain Ribbon 

Dimension -  7/8 wide 

Headband is package in Green Zoefia Alexandria Dust drawstring pouch. 

Storage & Care - Headbands should be stored in dust bags when not in use. Headbands are made of fabric please be mindful of that. Why? Fabric can be soiled/stained with hair grease, oils, lotions, hair sprays, any hair products/Liquids.  For the more delicate headbands with French Netting etc. Please be mindful with nails & sharp objects as that can cause rips/damage.