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The Zoefia Alexandria Collection is a Luxury brand under The Zoefia Alexandria Foundation Inc. and proceeds benefit Childhood, Cancer families'OUR INSPIRATION BEHIND THE BRAND' Zoefia is the inspiration and driving force for the brand. She loved lip gloss, and nail polish and enjoyed getting glam & fashionable in the hospital. Hats are definitely a staple for cancer kids but Zoefia had a love for hats and often wore her mother's headpieces.


 Mother-Daughter Photo - Zoefia & Saphrona 


Our Hat Inspiration


Zoefia is the inspiration and driving force for the brand. She loved lip gloss, and nail polish and enjoyed getting glam & fashionable in the hospital. She was very outspoken and knew exactly what she wanted. 


  Zoefia is truly missed and forever loved.  


Our Headband Inspiration

Our Nail Polish Inspiration

Our Lip Gloss Inspiration 

Zoefia’s Story 

Zoefia (Zoe) Alexandria, was 2 years old when she was diagnosed with Pineoblastoma, a rare and aggressive type of cancer that starts in the cells of the brain’s Pineal gland, it is at this point that Zoefia’s life and all who cherished her would change, looking back now seeing things through her eyes we can only wonder and ask ourselves how, why, and where.  The initial doctors did emergency life-saving surgery, and Zoe came out smiling and charged up, sure she endured major brain surgery and more than likely was in pain but she never showed it, the love she received and the love she gave in return kept all heartbreaking thoughts at bay, days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, months turned into years, this was a disease that offered merely months of life after diagnosis, a small percentage could see a few years, Zoefia was in that small percentile bracket, she was a fighter and determined to beat the odds, several doctors would see a short time ahead, a few days maybe a week after viewing MRI results or looking at her then-current state of health, Zoe would prove them wrong.   Zoefia would endure numerous surgeries, different levels of chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and clinical trials among other medications to combat and counter side effects, Zoe just kept smiling and loving, she brought joy and laughter to all who spent time with her, she never tired to show love and affection, it was something infectious almost magical you could say, she simply left an indelible impression and memory upon your heart and soul,  Zoefia gave us the strength and we leaned on her little shoulders with smiles and laughter, she loved to learn, she enjoyed being amongst her peers, her favorite color was Green and she made it known, she was very adamant at telling mommy ” she(Zoe) was the Boss”, her favorite holiday was Christmas, the innocence of a child the twinkling in their eyes when they open presents or seeing Santa, Zoe enjoyed birthday parties and amusement park adventures.  To ask How, Why, and Where? How was such a beautiful little person able to stand so strong and courageous while facing uncertainty and insurmountable odds, Why was she taken from us so soon? Why do deadly diseases such as Pineoblastoma and many other pediatric cancers exist? Where are the cures? So many children enter this world and their Cancer battle starts almost immediately, some little ones similar to Zoefia get a few short years of life and then things get turned upside down, what about the families, the strain to keep smiling, show the little one you love them and it will be OK even when you are unsure what tomorrow will bring. This is where Zoefia’s Legacy will live on, we cherish her videos, her pictures her adventures, and have incorporated this into our mission. 

We thank you all for your love and Support!