Our Impact

The Zoefia Alexandria Collection is a Luxury brand under The Zoefia Alexandria Foundation Inc and proceeds benefit Childhood, Cancer families'ZOEFIA IS OUR INSPIRATION BEHIND THE BRAND'  

 Zoefia was diagnosed with Brain Cancer at the age of 2, we have made it our mission to help cancer children. We are able to give back through donations and sales from this e-commerce. We strive to make a difference in the community by bringing awareness to Brain Cancer and Childhood Cancer. 

Brain Tumors affect all ages and we stand for the cause not just for Zoefia, or for individuals that have passed, it’s not just for those who currently have a brain tumor, this is also for those individuals who are not yet diagnosed. We strive to make a difference not just in our local community but within The State of New York, we hope to change the narrative in years to come. There will always be work to be done until BRAIN TUMORS/BRAIN CANCER is obsolete, until then we are off to a great start. This is the 2nd time this Resolution has ever been done in The State of New York, and we hope it continues for years to come. Brain Tumors are not just for children, it affects adults. The work we attempt to do is beneficial to ALL! We hope that individuals understand the seriousness of the cause and know that life can be changed in a second. We thank everyone who voted on this Resolution and everyone who spreads awareness in any way, shape, or form. The only way to make change is to be the change and address issues!