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{Q} What is the Zoefia Alexandria Collection?

The Zoefia Alexandria Collection is a luxury brand under The Zoefia Alexandria Foundation.  All proceeds benefit childhood cancer families, we are beauty for a cause and fashion for a cause! 


{Q} What is the Zoefia Alexandria Foundation?

'Zoefia Alexandria Foundation' is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is very passionate about carrying out the mission of honoring Zoefia’s life and her courageous battle against Brain Cancer, through contributions and funding, our goal is help to enrich the life and development of Cancer Children and their families. To learn more about our Mission {Click Here}


{Q} What is our Inspiration?

The Inspiration came from Zoefia, an AMAZING little girl journey with Cancer. It was a lengthy battle for her, and she touched so many along the way. Although her journey was cut short her resilience and will to fight showed us miracles and taught us to always Believe! 


{Q} Who is Zoefia Alexandria?

Zoefia is our Emeritus CEO whose life was short live to Brain Cancer. To learn more about Zoefia {Click Here}


{Q} Why so much Green? 

Green was Zoefia's favorite color and is our Signature Team Color. Our Green Heart is trimmed with gold for childhood cancer. 


{Q} Why the item Colors may be different in person? 

Different computer screens, operating systems, and even different web browsers have different color characteristics, so it’s just about impossible to get a given color to look the same on every computer screen. We try our best to photograph the items to look as similar or exact to the product as possible. 


 {Q} Why are some items in Limited Quantities?

This is an e-commerce boutique that is under the Zoefia Alexandria Foundation. Simply put, some goods/products may be limited, but the objective is to raise funds for Cancer Children and their Families. Depending on which items are limited we might not be able to re-stock that specific item. We may be able to get a similar product but please check back or reach out to our staff with any questions or concerns. 


{Q} If an item is sold out will you RESTOCK?

As long as the item is available for reorder, we will try our best to restock our Team Zoefia - Love Zoey Signature Items. Ex. T-shirt and sweatshirt,  products might be slightly different in color, texture, or fabric but we strive to stay true to our Signature Collection. 


{Q} Is any item Defective?

We DO NOT sell anything defective, items are personally sourced and ordered for 'Zoefia Alexandria Collection/Zoefia Alexandria Foundation'. We strive to be a Foundation built on integrity as well as quality. We don't sell "AS IS" Products or Damaged Merchandise. We also try to get quality lasting products that are made with good materials. 


{Q} Is there a Size Chart? 

Yes, (The size chart is under the selected listing, not all items have a size chart) The chart is simply a guide and not deemed to be 100% accurate. It is meant to help you pick as close to your accurate sizing as possible. Please use a tape measure and reference the guide to help you select your proper sizing. Also, remember that certain fabrics, such as 100% percent cotton, tend to shrink. You might want to size up if the item is 100% cotton so that you have long wear. If you choose not to size up, please follow the washing directions to avoid shrinkage. Ex. Leaving 100% cotton items in the dryer can cause the item to shrink, try laying the item flat to dry. 

'Zoefia Alexandria Collection/Zoefia Alexandria Foundation' is not responsible for improper care of garments. Please reference garment tags to ensure you care for your products properly.  

To view the size chart please - {Click Here}


{Q} Are the Items made in the USA or Overseas?

We try to source items made in the USA, but not everything is made in the USA, please check the items and country of Origin. 


{Q} Do you carry Cruelty-Free, organic, vegan, and eco-friendly Items?

Yes, we try to source ethically made products that are made in the USA. Please check the product listing. 


{Q} Where does the money go?

All proceeds and profits go back to the families, to learn more about our programs and what The Zoefia Alexandria Foundation offers to families {Click here}


{Q} What is your Return Policy? 

To learn more {Click Here}


{Q} Do you Ship outside the United States? 

NO - At this time we only ship within the United States. 


{Q} Which shipping Carrier do you use?

USPS Shipping & UPS To learn more about shipping - {Click Here}


{Q} What is the Processing Time?

All items are shipped within 1-3 business days. 

- Weekend or Holiday Processing time 

All orders placed on the weekend processing will begin the following Monday, while all orders placed on National Holidays will begin processing on the following business day. Although we try our best to deliver your items in a timely fashion. 'Shop' Zoefia Alexandria Collection does not guarantee specific delivery times. The shipping times are estimated, you may track your order at any time using the USPS Tracking number Zoefia Alexandria Collection sends to you once your order has been processed and shipped. 


{Q} Lost or Stolen Packages 

'Zoefia Alexandria Collection is not responsible for lost and stolen packages. In the rare event your package has been lost or stolen contact USPS (1-800-ASK-USPS) By completing a purchase with 'Shop' Zoefia Alexandria Collection you are agreeing to our Shipping and Delivery policy. 


{Q} Fraudulent Charges 

Any purchases made on Zoefia Alexandria Collection that are deemed fraudulent or appear to be fraudulent the order will be canceled.


{Q} Sale Prices and Price Adjustments 

Any/all purchases made on the Zoefia Alexandria Collection are not eligible for price adjustments. 

All sales, promotions, and discounts are only applied to purchases made the day of the said sale, promotions, and discounts. We do not backdate sales, promotions, and discounts. We do not apply promotions or discounts to previously purchased items. 


{Q} Have a question?

Please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. {Click Here}