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Luxury brand under The Zoefia Alexandria Foundation Inc, proceeds benefits Childhood Cancer families. 'OUR INSPIRATION BEHIND THE BRAND' Zoefia is the inspiration and driving force for the brand. She loved lip gloss, nail polish and enjoyed getting glam & fashionable in the hospital. Hats are definitely a staple for cancer kids but Zoefia had a love for hats and often wore her mother's head pieces. 

Headbands are handmade from the finest materials locally sourced. Fabrics include, silk ribbons, grosgrain, leather, ostrich feathers and more. 

Headbands were Zoe go to to be fashionable! It is definitely a wardrobe staple for any woman. Whether it's a messy hair day or you're dressed to impress.

Headbands are handmade in New York & is made from the finest materials. {Grosgrain, silk, leather, ostrich feathers, etc}

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